Friday, October 7, 2011

Catching Up

I’ve put this off long enough, time to get busy on blogging.  We have had a very busy summer at home just trying to get more organized and ready to leave for about ten months.  So lets back up a little.  We had a great time at the Good Sam Rally in Redmond, Oregon.  There were about 3,000 rigs there.  I was worried that it would be too crowed for me but having the rally at the fairgrounds really spread out the people.  The best part for us was the fantastic entertainment.  We both volunteered and I was an usher at the entertainment every night.  Oh darn, right there with good seats, but someone had to do it.  We saw Vince Gill, Herman Hermits just to name a couple.  Seeing all the vendors was also a good plus, and of course we had to buy a couple of things.  We did purchase a solar system and a "Tailgater" Sat system from Dish.  A & M Solar has completed the installation of the solar and the Dish works great.
My birthday was on July 24 and my two sisters and family came for a visit, we all went over to Pacific, WA at the Military Fam Camp. The Fam Camp there had about 45 RV sites and then separate areas for tents.  Of course along the way my brother in law, Gary stopped at Top Foods and bought six very large crabs to take there.  He bought the crab at Top Foods because they looked good, and they were some of the best crab we have ever had, very meaty.  Along the way we stopped in Hoquiam and bought about two  - three dozen, Oysters to BBQ.  We also had excellent home made wine from my other brother in law, Jim.  We ate and drank, then walked on the beach forever and then ate and drank more for three days.  What a great way to spend a birthday. 

The rest of the summer was just getting comfortable in our new home, meeting the neighbors and a couple of Airstream Rallys.  The big one was what we call "Potlatch and Salmon Feed."  This annual rally has been going on for about 40 years or so.  The big deal is the open pit alder salmon BBQ.  The pit is about 30' long by 4' wide.  This is an all day event to get the fire and coals just right.  I can't describe to you how perfect the salmon turns out.  There is always plenty and we were given a very large piece of salmon, some of the very best you could ever hope for.

This blog is just a catch up and hopefully I will be able to blog two - three times a week, as we have just started our adventures around our beautiful country. 

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  1. Soumds like s fun summer. Also could way to have great seats at the entertainment :)