Thursday, March 14, 2013

Borrego Springs

3/11 - 3/13/2013
Anza Borrego Springs State Park

Another first for us.  We are dry camping again, they get $25.00 a night for dry camping here, if you want water and power it's $35 a night.  There is also a lot of dry camping out in the desert for free and then you can go to the state park and pay a $7 fee to dump and fill up with water.  I guess some people do that all winter long.

This is a beautiful area, the village is small and friendly, and no traffic lights.  There are many RV parks, motels and golf courses but there are no chain motels or fast food.  We will probably come back again next year.  We are here on a new moon, and it is the darkest place I have ever seen and the stars are brilliant, the Milky Way stretches from one horizon to the other side, next year we might be able to come on a full moon, that would be pretty cool.

Many hiking trails,  I hiked up the trail to the springs above Palm Canyon Campground, a three mile round trip up and over rocks, logs and crossing the creek several times.  A most beautiful canyon.

The sky was so very blue.  I don't know if it's always  this blue our just happened to be this time of year.

The canyon was straight up with beautiful colors

The closer I got to the spring the more water in the creek.  I was told that the water in the spring is there all summer but the creek dries up.  A great hike especially early in the morning.

We were in space 69, perfect for the afternoon shade, but space 106 - 109 would be better.  Also space 116, 93 & 97.  These are all in the back and get the shade of the mountain first.

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  1. Welcome to Borrego Springs! We have been here three weeks and still have not experienced everything. We are at Clark's Dry Lake and still keeping cool enough.