Saturday, March 9, 2013

Joshua Tree National Park

3/3 - 3/4/2013
Joshua Tree National Park

This is one of my more favorite parks, actually I really like all the National Parks, but I like this one out in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. The difference in these two deserts is that the Mojave is above 3,000 ' and is mostly the western side of the park with lots of Joshua Trees; while the Colorado is at or below 3,000' and mostly the eastern side of the park. We stayed in Cottonwood Springs Campground in the eastern part of the park at about 3,000' and really there are very few of the actual Joshua Trees.  In 2011 we were here in mid November this campground was closed because of torrential rains they had in August that just about wiped out the campground.  We camped at Jumbo Rocks at that time.

Cottonwood Springs Campground has several hiking trails that take off in every direction.  We hiked down to the actual Cottonwood Springs, beautiful large palm and cottonwood trees with many pools amongst the trees.

Looking back at the springs area.

I hiked up to Mastodon Peak, these are pictures from along the trail

I took this picture because it was steep and narrow and now you can't tell that.

Reminded me of a small Half-Dome like  in Yosemite

Looking over a ridge or two is the Salton Sea and in the upper right corner just out of the picture is Mt Jacinto above Indio, CA

The top of Mastodon Peak is just to the left and up another 200 ft.  Very windy so no one was actually going to the very top as is is narrow and the wind was blowing us around.

A struggling Juniper Tree

Down the other side and through this wash.

And, up and over several ridges.

Below are several plaques of information that I wanted to keep.

At 3000' very few blooms were opening but I did come across this one.

We only stayed at Joshua Tree two nights but it was great, very nice campground.

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  1. Great pictures. We haven't visited Joshua Tree since we lived in California many years ago. We'll have to plan another trip there.