Friday, February 8, 2013

2/7 & 2/8/2013
University of New Orleans
Campground with FHU

Everyone has arrived, 49 rigs and 99 people. People from all the country and Canada; over the years we have traveled with or met about 12 different couples and now getting to know a whole bunch more great people. One couple, Ralph and Sylvia were on the Newfoundland Caravan with us in 2003, we keep running into them at various outings all over the country. About 1/3 of the Airstreamers have never been to a National or even Regional Caravan.  It looks like they are all having fun.

Mostly pictures tonight

Getting all set up

The welcoming committee

Included throwing beads

Of course you had to be appropriately dressed
 new hair-do

The King Cake, a yeast braided cinnamon swirled coffee cake.

Many different masks, anything goes.

Our new hats and Joe's bow tie

Waiting for the parade to start

Street vendor  before the parade

Starting of the parade

These people are carrying fire lights using kerosene or propane.  Many years ago the floats where not lit up and no street lights.  People had these lights so you could see.  These people were not paid except for tips, they were usually the very poor people of the area and were not dressed very well.

This tradition has just continued through the years.

 The start of the Muses Krewe.  They are famous for their shoes.  This shoe changed colors, silver, blue and green

All these pictures are from my phone and very poor quality.  Sorry about that!  It is what it is!

Have a great evening or morning, thanks for stopping by.


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