Wednesday, February 6, 2013

University of New Orleans

We had an interesting 22 mile drive to the Campground.  There are so many hwys here it's easy to get on the wrong one and then I have to find out how to get back to where we should be.  We always make it and we get to see different parts of the area.

Our Mardi Gras rally started today, even though we arrived yesterday when we got here there were already about 15 trailers, today another 35 or so came in.  We had a welcoming dinner of Chili and Margaritas.  There are people here from CA, NV, CO, WI, MN, OH, NY, NJ, FL, SC, GA and a few others, even our neighbors Joe and Sandy from WA.

We had to go back out to the base in Belle Chase where we were staying to pick up our mail package that had been delayed.  Doctor bills have caught up with us so now I have to call our insurance to see what to do.  This was the first time that we have had any illness on the road so not familiar with all the ins and outs.  I did call the insurance way back when Joe was admitted so I guess there are a few things that fell through the cracks.

On the way back we stopped at Salvo's Seafood and Deli for a plate of Crawfish, they were soooo good, a bit spicy so we always have a beer with them.  We later found out that this place is famous for their boiled crawfish, crabs, catfish, etc.  When we left there was a line out the door.


Crack, twist, suck,
crack, twist, suck,
crack, twist, suck and a swig of beer.

And then you start all over again.  This is not just lunch, it's an event.

The end of 2 lbs of Crawfish

Mardi Gras lights, there is a levee to Pontchartrain Lake right behind where I am standing.  I will try to take a picture from up there tomorrow.

The end of a perfect day

Have a great evening, thanks for stopping by.


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