Thursday, October 25, 2012

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

10/23 - 10/26/12
Ocean Lakes Family Campground
South Myrtle Beach, SC

A new state for us, yea!  Our trip of 95 miles was a sunny uneventful drive of 95 miles.  We left early with the leaders as we were assigned to be parkers here in Myrtle Beach.  Along the way here we stopped in Calabash at the NC/SC state line area. We had to pass by a restaurant that had burned at 3:00 am, it's a complete loss.  Very sad to see the employees standing around staring in disbelief at the still smoldering timbers.

Our leaders knew of this large lot that we could park in.  We had Lunch at Ella's sort of early, about 11:00, by the time we left there was a line waiting for lunch.

We arrived at Ocean Lakes Family Campground in plenty of time.  They have five lanes for RVs to park in, two deep, it reminded me of lining up at the border crossing to Canada.

 This is the largest RV park we have ever been to, about 2,000 RV spaces and about 2,000 sites with homes on a leased piece of land about the size of  two rv spaces.  They have a small grocery store, a small restaurant and an several enormous laundries and several swimming pools and snack shops with hand dipped ice cream.We are very close to the ocean, in fact we can hear the waves crashing on shore. The beach here is very nice, sand and waves as far as you can see.

Tonight we had tickets for a live show called The Legends,  which was paying tribute to famous musicians.  We say "Little Richard", "Alan Jackson", "Bobby Darin", "Elvis", "Celine Dion".  They were all spectacular.  "Alan Jackson" looked, walked and sang like the real Alan Jackson, you could not tell them apart.  Unfortunately no pictures were allowed, but the group was worth seeing.

We visited The Brookgreen Gardens.  I'm not sure how to describe it, but I'll try. We had a docent led tour of gardens, sculptures, history lesson of Archer and Anna Hyatt Hunnington who created  this non-profit outdoor museum with majestic oaks and world-renowned sculptures.  There are expansive garden, pools, trails, a zoo, butterfly house and an educational center to learn about Gullah/Geechee people who were the slaves from West Africa.  They were brought here because they knew all about growing rice.  The area here was a large rice plantation at one time.

At the entrance to Brookfield Gardens

Our Docent leader Patty Lou, she was excellent and has a real love for her "job".

There is so much to see here that if we lived here I would have to have a yearly membership so I could come often and explore.

Boat ride through one of the creeks that ends at the Intercoastal Water Way.

It was a warm sunny day
floating down the river
and Larry, one of our caravaners couldn't resist
"resting his eyes"

Back at the campsite Buddy and I enjoyed several nice long walks along the ocean, the salt water and sand is so good for both of our feet.  Tomorrow we will be driving a whopping 85 miles to Charleston, South Carolina, I hope the hurricane Sandy stays away from us.  We have a full tank of fuel in the truck and the Airstream has a full tank of fresh water, and empty sewer tanks, plenty of food and a new box of wine; what more could you ask for.

Have a blessed day, thanks for stopping by.



  1. We enjoyed Brookgreen Gardens several years ago. It looks like you enjoyed it, too. Your campground sounds a lot like Valle del Oro in Mesa, AZ, where we spend the winter. But ours is just 1/2 the size.

  2. I am enjoying your tour! Stay safe.

  3. Hope your not being affected too much by Sandy, the hurricane. Sounds like you having fun, enjoy and be safe.