Monday, August 6, 2012

Some like it hot!

August 5, 2012
Lacey, WA

Just a quick little note and no pictures

The temperature soared up to a record breaking 94'.  Some like it hot but not me 94 is just too hot in the Olympia/Seattle area.  We tried to go for a drive just to have something to do but every time we got out of the car it seamed to be hotter. 

One good thing, we found diesel at Safeway for $3.74/gal.  This was quite a saving as the stations closer to our home was $4.09.  I guess the fuel prices are starting to go up again. I use Gas Buddy all the time and have saved quite a bit.  I usually start looking a day or two before we actually need the fuel that way I know ahead of time when I am running around doing errands as to where to fuel up.  Our tank is 80 gallons, the most we have ever put in was about 72 gallons.

I told you it was short, hardly worth the effort.

Thanks for stopping by

Joe and Nancy


  1. Short blogs are fine! It was even hotter down here in Vancouver, but our gas prices are cheaper. The prices are on the rise here, too, though. Around here, Costco usually has the lowest gas prices.

  2. I thought from the title that you might have had a Marilyn Monroe sighting:)