Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are we there yet??

Thursday, 8/23/12

Not much to say and no pictures.  Today's trip was uneventful, warm and sunny, but.......there is a lot of smoke from 23 wildfires mostly caused by lightening strikes a few days ago.

We are still on I-90 and staying at my favorite place (not) The Wal-Mart RV Ranch in Bozeman, Montana.  I must say, this is the largest Wal-Mart I have ever seen.  It's about the size of a football field.  And of course I found some food items that we needed, so we paid our dues.

The parking lot is enormous, we counted 27 RV in here.  Unfortunately it looks like there is a squatter staying in the corner lot, a young couple with two little girls.

Tomorrow we will be in Cody Wyoming..  This is a new place for us so we will be staying about three nights.

Safe travels to all and have a blessed day.

Joe and Nancy

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