Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Musical Ride

July 15 - 20, 2012
Part 2 of 3
Great Canadian Barn Dance
Hill Spring, Alberta

What a fun rally he are having.  Cardston is another little town about 30 miles away and home to the famous Remington Carriage Museum.  The museum houses the largest collection of horse drawn vehicles in North America, with over 250 carriages, buggies, wagons and sleigh.  The museum also has a working stable and a restoration shop.  Don Remington began collecting carriages in 1954 when he restored a cutter to bring Santa Claus into town for the Christmas celebration.  This is another must see museum, the tour guides are excellent and have a wealth of information on where a particular carriage came from or how it was designed for the owner.

The print is sort of small but I think you can read this plaque. 

These next two pictures show the before and after of this buggy

At one time you could order this buggy from Sears and it would be delivered just like this.  
All you had to do is put the top on and add a horse. 
 All for a wopping $29.85.

O' sure you can guess what this is, Pretty fancy eh!

Even the horse was dressed for the occasion 

This carriage was like a taxi, the driver sat outside on the rear and controlled the door which was in the front.  The passengers had to push their money up through a little slot in the roof, no money, no door would open.

notice the large opening for King George IV to enter and exit the buggy

These are not used, just displayed 

The shop.  The have orders for repair or reconstruction stretched out for 20 months. 
 Five people work here full time 

Fort Macleod is another small town close by about 40 miles away, named for Colonel Macleod Boulevard.  Fort Macleod was the headquarter of the Northwest Mounted Police in Western Canada, established in 1874 on an island two miles downriver from the present townsite.

Fort Macleod is most famous for the North West Musical Police Musical Ride.  The first NWMP riding demonstrations took place here in 1876.  Today this tradition continues with the Fort's Musical Ride.  This is quite a treat.  One of our friends was on the official Musical Ride for a two year stent.  He said the Musical Ride, which is demonstrated by young folks mostly in college is very authentic, including the music.  It was a site to see.
We were allowed in the barn watching them getting ready

Each horse has this stenciled maple leaf on both sides of rump

Then come into the parade grounds in the old fort for inspection

This boy was selected out of the crowd
 and given a crash course on how to inspect the horses and the riders. 
 He took his time and gave a thorough inspection of each horse and rider, front and back.

The Charge

The blue field is flax, almost in full bloom

This brownish field is rye, I think

Just a nice looking farm operation (and there were many)

We had a great day, next post will be part 3

Safe travels to all, thanks for stopping by

Joe and Nancy


  1. I don't know if you are still in that area, but another place to visit is the Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump. We found it quite interesting when we visited in 2001. We visited the carriage museum while we were there, too. We stayed at the full-hookup campground at Waterton Lakes National Park while we tourned that area.

  2. The blue field of flax is really beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before.