Monday, June 23, 2014

Last day at Denali

Last Day at Denali National Park

I wanted to go hiking out on as many of the trails around the Visitor Center Area as I could, I caught the bus into the Visitor Center where I would eventually meet Joe at the Morino Grill.  The Visitor Center was spectacular, new in 2008. If you hurry you could see it in about 2 hrs, but that doesn't take in the many movies they have.  If it was a rainy day you could easily spent most of you day inside the Center. I cut it short as I wanted to get out on the trails.
Yesterday I started coughing a lot, thinking it was just more allergies, The cotton from the cottonwood trees was falling rather heavily which also makes me cough.  However today, I am starting to feel like I am coming down with a cold, dam it, dam it, dam it.  One thing about coughing it will keep the bears away, and it did.

 Out on several trails I came across these informational boards that I wanted in the journal.

That's it, time to go take Tylenol and maybe some wine.

Have a blessed day.


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