Friday, June 8, 2012

Driving marathon to Yuma, AZ

June 3 through June 6th
Ohio to Yuma AZ

Jackson Center, OH to Lebanon MO, 561 miles and a night at a Wal-Mart.  This would have been a great quiet place but the area was also used as a trucking drop-off/pick-up place all night.  We have not had to drive this far for a long time.  Luckily we both drive, switching about every two - three hours.

The next day was a little longer at 596 miles and we arrived at a Pass Port America RV Park on the east side of town for $11.00.  Since we only wanted electric so we could use the A/C we didn't care what the place looked like.  The sewer connection was not covered and it was full.  So were the other spaces.  We were tired and the place was dark and quiet.

Up early and we were off for Holbrook AZ 500 miles down the road.  Again a Pass Port RV Park, this one was better with FHUs and everything worked including a good shower.

The last leg of this marathon was Yuma, AZ, 411 miles we arrived at another Pass Port RV Park with FHU's and cable TV.  It's an old park in the old part of town and very quiet.  We are here in Yuma for three nights.  The Escapee Park we belong to is closed for the summer unless you are a lease holder.  We drove out there to see how it was in the summer.  There were about 15 couples that spend the summer there.  Some people like this hetr.  103' today, luckily the humidity is 9%.

Joe had a dentist appointment in Algondones Mexico on Thursday, June 7th to get the lower dentures adjusted.  All went well and they fit much better, Even his speech is better.  We stayed the extra days just in case he needed to go back to his dentist.  Better fitting dentures and a haircut at his favorite place next door to the dentist and a trip to the liquor store for a bottle of brandy and he feels like a new man.

All is well with the choppers, no slippage at all so we will be heading north Saturday morning on our way home to Lacey WA.

Safe travels to all

Nancy and Joe


  1. That's a lot of miles that you drove! Glad to hear that all went well at the dental appointment.

  2. We haven't caught up with you for a while. Sorry, but I doubt we'd drive that far that fast for anything! And to Yuma, no less! Of course, here we are in Benson for the summer, where 103 degrees is not at all a stranger.

  3. Wow! We couldn't make that trip that fast. Glad you made it safely. Hope you can travel to Washington with time to smell the roses along the way.