Wednesday, April 18, 2012


RagApple Lassie Vineyards
Boonville, North Carolina

Another site with Harvest Hosts led us to a unique farm owned by Frank and Lenna Hobson.  Frank is the 3rd generation on this farm, farming tobacco, corn, wheat and dairy.  With tobacco on the way out they started a vineyard selling their grapes to other wineries, eventually they started up their own winery.  The name RagApple Lassie came from Frank's prize Holstein Cow in 1957 that won the state championship.

 Entrance, If you look real close on the door is their logo
A Holstein sitting on a moon and holding a glass of wine

You enter on a "cat walk" and  look down on their cellar

Cases of wine, everything has a black and white cow motif

This was just a one night stay, they were very nice and their parking lot can hold many RVs
Yes, we bought some wine, but the parking was free.

Safe travels to all

Joe and Nancy

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    So sorry we missed your visit it TOG. We left about 3 days before you all arrived. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

    Where are you all headed for the summer? We are staying in the southeast this year. In Valdosta Ga now. We are headed to St George Island Dow a week. Will travel west along the coast and then turn north heading to Tennessee to visit family. By June 1st we plan to be in NE Tennesee, west Virinia and western corner ov Virginia.

    Hope our paths cross down the road.....I gather you like Harvest Host? Any problem pulling the Airstream into the farms? We are really low 31 foot.