Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Naples, FL

1/23/12 - 1/25/12

Only two nights so we could have work done on our solar system.  Lew,  from A & M Solar was at our rig right on time and only took him about 30 min to fix our solar system including another review for the owners on how it works.

While here we went out to dinner at The Dock, well worth the effort to find the place.  Like the name says, it is on the dock next to the City dock, good atmosphere, a fun place.  There were no windows just open spaces  so you can see everything.

The following day we visited the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens.  This is not your average zoo, yes there are exotic animals but you are also surrounded by mature trees started in the early 1900's and exotic plants and tropical gardens.  The animals came 50 years after the gardens were started.  The gardens and the animals complement each other in their surroundings.   All the monkeys were on Islands and a boat tour to see them.

Wild pig with longhair coming off the ear

Anhinga, lots of them in Florida

First time riding a camel

A 5 year old sloth, look at that hair


Sort of hard to see, the lion is having a large yawn 

Boat trip out through the monkey islands

Tha'ts it for now, safe travels to all.

Nanc & Joe

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  1. I'm new to your posts, but I really enjoyed your pictures on this post and will continue to follow you.
    Happy and safe travels