Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Cypress National Park and Everglades National Park

1/25 - 1/27/12

Stayed at Monument Lake in Big Cypress National Park and visiting the Everglades National Park.  These National Parks are great, this one was $6.00/night with The Pass.

Beautiful evening at Monument Lake Campground

The next morning 

We visited Everglades City which is actually in the northern part of the Everglades and out on the National Park boat trip.  The water is very shallow and it is very important to stay in the markers or you'll end up on a sandbar.  Part way out on our boat trip the steering went out, out tour guide, very professionally got out the anchor and then called his boss on the cell phone instead of the marine radio where every one would hear.

Our new boat has arrived, we have been saved

all safe and secure on our new boat
can you tell I'm a tourist?

Osprey nest.  The male and female are partners for life, but they take a break from each other when they migrate they go their separate ways  but always come back to each other and the same nest


Cute little Blue Heron, has light blue legs

Most people travel with their dog(s) or cat(s) but this lady traveled with her Macaw. He is 18 years old

We also took a small six passenger boat deep into the mangroves.  Many different birds, alligators, brown and white pelicans 

In the Mangroves at low tide, very hard to take decent pictures because of the thick trees
 and sun streams peaking through to the water

 White pelican, very large bird

Here is a big one watching us

I thought this was a female Anhinga, but now I'm not sure

We also went to the Shark Valley River of Grass.  This is fresh water running through a large portion of the Everglades.  This is a birding paradise.  I even saw two Roseate Spoonbills, these birds are beautiful, but you'll just have to take my word for it.  No pictures.  The tram winds around here and there with many stops to observe alligators, many Wood Storks, Anhingas and many others.  We were on the first tour of the day so it was cooler and the birds are more active.

Fish in his throat

Very new baby, laying out like that will probably become dinner for someone

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