Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Years Eve at Pensacola

My computer is sometimes very fussy and just turns off after about 15 min and it's been happening more and more.  Every time I think of getting a new computer and actually start looking at them my computer starts behaving again and staying on. Well I have a lot to catch up on.  We had an absolute fabulous time in Gulf Port and Biloxi, MS.  If you like fresh fish and shrimp this is the place to visit.

Our next stop was at Pensacola, FL home of the Blue Angels and a superb Naval Aviation Museum.  If you go be sure to go on the inside and outside tours.  We stayed at the Oak Grove Fam Camp.  We enjoyed a New Year's Eve pot luck and Karaoke.  We met some wonderful people including a young family with two girls age 11 and 13 (I think), they were taking a year off and traveling around the country.  We will probably run into them again as we are going to some of the same places.  The Pensacola Base was a very large gorgeous base, right on the water.  There is a state park just west of Pensacola called Big Lagoon State Park.  It looks like a great place to stay, maybe next year.

Looking out our door the water is only about 200' away

We had some spectacular sunrises

The bay was being dredged 24/7.  When the barge was full of the dredgings they dumped it at this plant on a tiny island.  Not sure what they did with it then.

New Year's Eve Karoke

Eleven year old Mattie became the first brave sole to sing

Yep, that's an owl along trail to lighthouse   The sun was already down so I was lucky to get this shot

Many places on base and around town are these cute dressed up pelican statues

Pensacola Lighthouse

Naval Aviation Museum - Fantastic

Outside waiting to be refurbished by the volunteers

The famous Cubi Bar in the Philippians was completely dismanteled and brought to the museum, all decorations, bar and furniture

Boardwalks and sand fences (like snow fences) are everywhere, they don't want you to walk on the dunes

sunset at west end of base

That's it for now, safe travels to all

Nancy & Joe

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  1. I have a laptop that does that. I became so concerned about it, that I got a new one and put the old one behind a sofa. Then a few months ago, I set it up and low and behold it now works fine?? So I now use it as an extra back up drive. I suspect it is a heat issue with the motherboard. Since I now use it for short periods, it is fine.