Thursday, June 2, 2011

Smithers, BC. Hwy 16

Leaving Francois Lake, all seven of us made it out and then on our way to Smithers for day 12, 13, 14, May 30, 31, June 1.  Only 89 miles (143 km)  A beautiful drive.  The rivers and lakes are all bursting out of their banks.  We drove through Houston and they were on alert for a possible evacuation because of the high waters.  In one area the Hwy was down to one lane and part of the hwy was washed away by a creek.

Passing through Houston, BC we crossed the confluence of the Morice and Bulkley Rivers, both world class Steelhead fishing rivers.  Houston is known as having the world's largest fly fishing rod.

Next we passed through the village of Telkwa, known as the "Village Where The Rivers Meet.  This is where the Bulkley and Telkwa Rivers meet.  The waters are over the banks, very muddy and flowing fast and rough carrying everything in its way.  Smithers is a very cute town and is now my newest favorite town.  They even had a Safeway.  We visited the Smithers- Bulkley Valley Museum which featured the very early history of the First Nations and pioneers who settled this area.  They had a great exhibit of fossils, explaining the prehistoric story of the British Columbia Bulkley Valley and displays of the early railroad history that helped settle this area.  There are tall alpine mountains surrounding the town.  It sort of reminded me of Bozeman MT but the mountains are closer here in Smithers.  Lots of hiking, hunting, fishing and all the winter sports. 

We played a round of golf, it is a par 3.  Our entire group played golf using the best of ball technique.  This was a lot of fun because you didn't need to be a golfer or know anything about golf.  We had 3 teams and my team came in 2nd.

At this RV park were 30 college students from all over Canada that were planting trees in the mountains.  We called them "The Planters"  They had their own tents and or cars for sleeping, they were fed breakfast and dinner and given items for lunch to take with them.  They were paid 12 cents per tree.  A beginner could plant 1,000 to 1,500 a day and the experienced Planters could plant 2,000 + a day.  These were small twigs.  They were also charged $25.00 day for food and board.  All the kids where very nice and they all looked like hard workers.  There were full size trucks that could take 5 Planters plus the driver out to the planting sites.  They were gone about 12 hrs total time.

The trucks that carried them out to the planting site

While in Smithers, besides visiting the museum we also visited Driftwood Canyon Provincial Park where a discovery of fossilized remains of plants, animals and insects that died 48 million years ago.

Next we were off to see Kathlyn Glacier and a view of the Twin Falls at Glacier Gulch. 

There were many smaller waterfalls but the spectacular ones were the two waterfalls cascading down the rock walls.

The water went under the snow/ice and came out down stream

I think this was the actual Twin Falls

As you can see these little trees are just budding out

 Besides the picture being too light there is a lot of mist at the top of the falls

Smithers is known for the Sausage Factory where all their sausage is made right there.  They had sausage, smokies, jerky from such meets as Buffalo, all beef, pork and beef, kangaroo, South African Boar, chicken, turkey, just to name a few.  We bought the beef, it was so good we went back to get the buffalo and turkey.

Downtown Smithers

Our last night there was Wed June 1st.  We all (13) went to a new restaurant called Robs.  The food was magnificent.  If you are ever in the area you have to try it.  One dish that several people had was a lamb/rice/curry plate.  They said it was the best they ever had.  Rob the cook/owner came out and visited with us for a while.  He also has another restaurant in The Hazeltons, we will be stopping there on our way back from Prince Rupert.

 This was the Meditarian Pasta Salad, delicious

Tomorrow, June 2nd, day 15 we will drive to Terrace, 125 miles

I hate to write so much at one time, but as I am feeling much better we are visiting more places and then too tired at night to blog.

Safe travels to all


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