Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jekyll Island, Georgia

11/7 - 11/9/12
Jekyll Island CG
Jekyll Island, Georgia

Today is January 30th 2013 and I have not posted since November.  Don't really know why I stopped, lazy or maybe a little depression, but I am back.  

I discovered that I still had this draft that I never posted; so hear it is.  I will continue posting and get caught up.

Our caravan, "The Southeast Coast Spectacular" has certainly lived up to it's name.  We have definitely had 40 days of spectacular travels, dinners, tours, perfect weather, but most of all meeting 19 wonderful couples that all have the same visions of travel, as we do: see, do, and have fun.  This caravan is known,  in the Airstream circles as 900 miles in 40 days and 40 pounds.  Yep, we sure did eat our way down the coast.....and every bit of it was deeeeeelicious.

We visited the turtle  information/sanctuary/hospital/recovery center.  Very interesting and I would highly recommend a tour.  In fact I would like to volunteer here.

Picture of a video of baby turtles coming out of the sand and are heading to the ocean

This was a severely malnourished young turtle that was found in Mayport, FL.  They have been bringing it back to health for about three months now and the plan release is next spring.  He/she has a litle paralysis going on so they put his food in the middle of a pvc frame so he has to use his flippers more to get into the frame.

This turtle is in the surgical area having a dressing change.  He had a large hunk of shell missing when he was brought in.

This was such an interesting place, they have a lot going on, I would like to volunteer there if we would settle down in one place long enough.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel
We had our final banquet here.

Middle of a palm

The banquet was a dressed up affair, first time in six months I think

Another beautiful sunset to a perfect day.

Our caravan is over and time to say good-bye.  As traditions go, we had a very nice final banquet with some music from our leaders.  This was a spectacular Airstream caravan and I highly recommend it, even if you have to be on the stand-by list.  This caravan and the Newfoundland Caravan will start on a schedule of every other year.

Next is to unwind in Jacksonville, Mayport Naval Station FamCamp, Pelican Roost.  The same place we stayed last year.

Happy trails to everyone and have a blessed day


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